What Christmas celebration would be complete without another link to the most horrible-yet-heartfelt cover of O Holy Night?

O Holy Night

I don’t know about you, but this takes me straight back to the offertory special vocalist at church when I was a kid. The guy who only got one or two shots at the microphone per year and had to make it count.

“You know it was… divine.”

It’s not the policies. It’s not his unlikely ascent to the White House.

It’s not that he’s a brilliant communicator.

It’s not the color of his skin.

It’s for one reason and one reason alone:

We have similar handwriting.

From the LA Times:

It was a perfectly blue sky over San Francisco, where Serena and I brought the kids for some ice skating and hot chocolate in Union Square. Serena had never been there during the Christmas holidays, so has never experienced the slightly irreverent frivolity that is San Francisco in December. While waiting on the cue for skates with Gabriel and all of his 40 + lbs. falling asleep on my shoulders, I caught out of the corner of my eye what seemed like 200 Santas crossing Geary Street into Union Square. With drag queens in red costumes wearing big blonde wigs and motorcycle gangs driving through town on bikes covered in outdoor Christmas lights, the City is kind of like Disneyland, except a little more untamed and without the gate fees. With this knowledge, I was unfazed and simply asked Gabriel if he wanted to say hi to one of them in what seemed to be a funny little stunt.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.
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In his Farewell Tour Iraq’in through the Middle East, President Bush has made good on his promise to take the terror fight away from US shores by bringing it to the enemy:

Rumor has it that the reporter may have been angered by Bush’s tireless efforts to use asinine nicknames for the press.



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